Welcome to the website dedicated lenticular prints..

We are highly specialized team with many years of experience in creating lenticular prints. Our advanced machine park allows us to print on lenticular films with a density of 10 LPI even up to 200 LPI. The knowledge of our specialists has resulted in extraordinary projects with unprecedented depth effects where the „parallax” of the image reaches +/ – 350 mm (normal parallax is about +/- 30 mm).

Parallax – a technical name defining the optical effect of images going forward and backward in the center of the image.

Below is an example of parallax + 100 mm


About us

Already over 25 years,

our company is one of the leading producers of promotional and souvenir items. Thanks to many years of experience, we are a leader in the creation and production 3D pictures in innovative technologies. This way of operation has allowed us to manufacture unique products as a 3D Fridge Magnets,  3D pictures in frames, 3D Key Chains, 3D Post Cards, 3D Phone Cleaners, 3D LED Posters.


3D-Sky – no limit to fly.

If God wanted a man to fly, He would give him wings …
If He did not want to, He would not give him the imagination … and drones 😉